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JES Travel Retail Consultancy is truly a 1 stop shop for your travel retail needs whether it be consulting, brand agents, marketing, social media coaching, photography, store opening or trade fair attendance we have, through our global partners to assist you with your travel retail business. 

Financial Consultation


Customised research models 

Our global teams are highly experienced professionals in their own fields and provide customised research papers designed to give our clients a clear understanding of the market.  With research packages customised to your aspirations, budget and long terms goals we ensure that our knoweldge gives you the upper hand when entering into, or expanding, within the global travel retail sector.


Preparing you for the travel retail sector 

Our top selling customised consultancy packages is  designed for brand owners and distributors looking to enter into, or expand within, the global travel retail sectors. 


D1 : Briefing 

D2 : Sector analysis 

D3 : Ranging & margins

D4 : Regulatory & packaging 


R1 : Marketing 

R2 : Agents and distributors

R3 : Meeting preparation

R4 : Meeting scheduling

Work Presentation

Brand ambassadors

A safe and experienced pair of hands for your brands

With brand management experience going back to the early 90s and encompassing a total of 800+ brands across the teams we have the experience and knoweldge to manage your brand safely and successfully.  Our teams work on a variety of business models including commission and retainer formats.

Natural Products Shop
Media Advertisement

Marketing, media & social

Getting your message in front of the right people

Our media experts in Europe, SW Asia, Canada and the U.S. are available to give your brand the best possible exposure within the travel environment.  

New : TikTok coaching is now available for brands and retailers that wish to promote their products and locations on the social media platform.

Available in English and French.

Download the TikTok coaching Deck here, including our free case study

Photography & Creative 

Award winning photography.

Our photography services are managed by international award winning photographer Pat Agers and is offered following a year spanning 15+ years within the travel retail.  Services include product, lifetsyles and classic marketing imagery. 

Photography Light
People in the Mall

Retail outlet submissions

Leveling the travel retail playing field

In partnership with U.S. based Wise Precision Business Consutling our newly launched U.S. Airport retail outlet submission service provides brand owners the possibility to enter the RFP (Request for proposal) and official tendering process connected to the U.S. airport retail sector.  

Store openings (fixed and pop ups) & staffing

Management for your travel retail store 

Through a network of experts and strategic partners we can manage your travel retail store opening from furnishing and fittings through to staff recruitment and training.  With a portfolio of store openings across the country we have the necessary teams in place to open your store both in a timely fashion but also within budget.

We_re Open Signage
Trade Show

Trade fairs & conferences

Representation at all major events

With a large number of events across the calendar, e.g. there are over 20 travel and travel retail events in the U.S. alone we are positioned across the globe to attend such shows on your behalf.  We provide a team of trade fairs "veterans" who can represent you at shows, conference and assist with booth manning with full post trade fair analysis and reviews provided post the event.

Data analysis

Making sense of the numbers 

With dedicated data analysis teams we can assist you in both the sourcing and analysis of data connected to your travel retail business.  Our experts can also provide valuable assistance in the wider data analysis that is available to better understand and prosper from the potential within global travel retail. 

Analyzing Data
Red Carpet Event


Literally putting you on the travel retail stage

Our office, with multiple GTR award winning clients both globally and regionally, can put you and your brand on the GTR red carpet !


With experience that encompasses seats on global travel retail judging panels and 30 years in duty free we can handle your award submission so that your product(s) receive the recognition that they deserve.

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