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Baroque & Rose, a lifestyle journey

The beauty industry has always been my passion and love of my life.

B&R Lifestyle is the culmination of the love, enthusiasm and passion that I have for this amazing industry

As I arrived to the UK and began wondering around all the beauty departments of the top stores, I immediately felt there was something missing, however, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what this was as yet. I noticed that every time I went back home, I found myself wondering what this missing aspect, this “gap” was, so I asked myself the question; If I were given free reign, what would I create that is different from what is currently sold on the shelves in the beauty departments of high-end stores? This was the beginning of my Baroque & Rose Lifestyle journey!

I always loved the fresh and natural ingredients which ripen in the glorious Mediterranean sun and I quickly realised that these ingredients would be perfect for a high-end premium product as I had always used these ingredients on my own skin for years. The Mediterranean lifestyle, the fresh ingredients, the sun, sea and sand and the sound of the waves is what always inspired me and charged my imagination in relation to everything that I do. I wanted to transfer these aspects into a product that could be used by all.

I put my alchemist hat on coupled with my years of experience as an aesthetician and began compiling the necessary natural Mediterranean ingredients such as sea fennel, grapes, aloe vera, prickly pear just to mention a few, which are all part of the formula for my concoction. I did not want to use the normal run of the mill ingredients for my customers. I wanted them to feel the difference.

I also always questioned the whole 25-30 age bracket marketing which is prevalent in the beauty industry. Surely if something is good for you everyone should be able to use it. The gender-based marketing is also something that I found highly questionable. If the skin is dry, dehydrated, aged or feels in any way uncomfortable then surely it would welcome ingredients that were fresh, which provide fantastic results and that are good for you. This is regardless if you are a man, woman, transgender or non-binary. Unisex was a must for Baroque & Rose Lifestyle.

Sustainability was an essential aspect for me during the creation period of Baroque & Rose Lifestyle. I always understood that taking our beautiful, nutritive ingredients from the earth and not replacing it cannot be good. Our ingredients are hand sewn and grown! Respect and love for our planet is part of wellbeing and I was adamant that this aspect become part of my creation. Even the packaging we use is all eco-friendly and is in line with our ethos. Luxury was, of course, a very important aspect to consider as fantastic luxurious ingredients deserve to be glorified and presented in a beautiful way and our customers deserve the best hence why Baroque & Rose Lifestyle is also halal and vegan friendly, cruelty free and organic.

I also wanted to cross the boundaries of having or creating products that anybody could use not only of gender but religion or social stance which is why B&R products are all halal and vegan friendly too.

Our formulas are derived with a ‘Earth to face’ “Source to Face” philosophy, ensuring we always use the freshest, most potent, scientifically and advanced ingredients that are natural, organic, sustainable as well as locally sourced. Using the ancient and proven cold maceration extraction process in order to ensure all the active ingredients remain in their most potent and active state when blended in our formulas thus producing top of the range 100% safe premium products.

Baroque & Rose is your own personal slice of the Mediterranean lifestyle. I wanted it to embody the best parts of it culture, a fusion of organic wellness and an active outdoor lifestyle. A passion, at any age, to live life to its fullest.

B&R Lifestyle is not “just another premium skin care brand”. B&R Lifestyle is about people, it is about our planet, about inclusiveness, about balance and about doing our part to leave our children and our children’s children a better and beautiful world.

Most importantly it is about you and providing you with the chance to discover your skin!

To learn more about Baroque & Rose visit

Miriam Ciantar can be contacted at the website or

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I love the portable roll on hand cream,I take it everywhere i go,its so perfect for my dry skin,it leaves it silky and healthy looking instantly .Cant wait to try more of this unisex brand

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Thanks we will pass this on to the brand

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