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Welcome to the new JES Travel Retail website

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Firstly on behalf of JES Travel Retail can I welcome you to our new website, a site which I hope you will return to on a regular basis whether you are here as a client past or present or simply an interested party looking at the travel retail sector for the first time.

The site will be an active platform as we extend services such the latest in travel retail news, blogs, vacancies within the sector and new angles to our consultancy models and for this we welcome your feedback, guest blog submissions, vacancies that are relevant to the travel retail sector or news about travel retail related events in your office.

Travel retail has been affected by COVID to levels that not only are unprecedented in their severity but have in some sectors been all encompassing to the point that we haven't even managed to talk about minus percentages but simply totality. It is however a sector that always knew, even during the toughest times, that recovery was a matter of when not if ... and now as we launch the website the when has become now and for this reason I publish this welcoming message's cover image from the JES Travel Retail offices in the Eifel mountains of Germany and a rainbow that appeared in the past few days.

Many thanks to everyone who has assisted in making this website reality and especially to Michael Lente for valuable online consultancy services, travel retail specialist photographer Patrick Ager ( and travel retail's International Brands Group offices in the U.K., Switzerland and Mexico.

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