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Brand consultancy  

Our office provides customised consultancy packages, based on 8 core models below,  designed for brand owners and distributors looking to enter into, or expand within, the global travel retail sectors.



D1 : Briefing : We ensure that your products are suitable to the travel retail sector

D2 : Analysis : We provide in depth reports on the 4 core sectors, the key travel retailers and consumer demographics

D3 : Selection : From your core ranges we deiscuss those products ideal for a travel retail assortment, required pricing structures and supply forecasting

D4 : Regulatory : With the travel retail assortment selected we advise and assist with meeting regional and travel retail sector regulations.





R1 : Marketing : Utilising global and regional print, online and social media to promote your brands 

R2 : Representation : Providing you with details of recommended distributors, agencies including our global agency teams available through our partner offices. 

R3 : Preparation : Briefing you and your staff in prepaparation to meet travel retailers

R4 : Scheduling : Arranging meetings with travel retailers that you have requested contact with

Our models are customised to each individual client - we have still not had 2 clients requiring the same package -  select which of the 8 models that best suits your aspirations, budget and timescale or contact us for a proposal on how we feel we can help you best.

Minimum contracts of only 14 hours over extended periods to allow you to carry out internal discussions after each stage.


Contact us in confidence below or at to request our 2023 consultancy catalogue.

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