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Travel retail



The largest of the travel retail sub sectors and centred around shopping within airport terminals with some regional options for departure and arrival locations.  Airport travel retail includes the more well known generic duty free shops however regional specialist stores are increasingly growing in popularity.


    Traditionally retail via a printed catalogue based product assortment although becoming increasingly digitalised.  The sector offers the largest potential if digitalisation encompasses home delivery, modern marketing techniques and the increase in range sizes that digital platforms offer.  The data collection for tailored in-flight proposals makes this the most exciting sector moving forward.

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      Cruise Ship
      Cruise Ship

      Cruise ships

      A sector that has seen proportionally the highest retail investment over the past 5 years with luxury brands targeting this captive audience..  The sector offers a variety of entry to luxury specialist retail outlets all supported by excellent specialist distributor options.  Whilst a sector devastated by COVID the opportunities already in place makes the cruise sector perfectly ready for a post pandemic world 


        Whether short journeys or longer durations the ferry retail sector offers a unique market place for brands in addition to a varied destination based customer demographic.  Probably the most misunderstood sector and one that can offer brand owners targeted customer activities, extended shopping windows and the removal of product carrying issues connected to other travel retail sectors ... far more than a simple drive on / drive off sector.

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