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With 30 years in duty free / travel retail JES have, through it's partner offices and M&A activity,  worked with ith 500+ brands throughout the years.  Below are some examples of the brands that we have assisted entering into or expanding within duty free. 

Adorn - Travel retail exclusive jewellery
Apple - tech giant including launching iPod into non UK British military store
Bang & Olufsen - High end audio 
Baroque & rose - Luxury unisex cosmetics
Bug co - Anti mosquito products
Case Logic - Leather bags and accessories
Casio - Watches, keyboards & office accessories  

Coquillete Parfum by Vieffe Noselab - Luxury perfume
CR7 - Male fragrance from Christiano Ronaldo 
D for Diamond - Baby birth/christening and children diamond jewellery
Disney - Plush
Ear pro - Anti infection ear spray
Fred Bennett - Male jewellery
Fuji - Cameras & audio/digital accessories
Glocalme - China's no. 1 SIM and data roaming cards
GR8 - Travel retail exclusive travel gadgets
Hama - Travel and consumer electronics accessories
Hammer Germany - Oversized watches
Haribo - Confectionary
H!p - Oat based chocolate bars 
Imperial jade - Luxury coffee from China
Kroc - Travel retail exclsuive watches
Lambourgini - Mens jewellery
LG / Goldstar - Consumer electronics and homeware
Love Cocoa by James Cadbury - premium chocolate
Mars - Confectionary 
Mavive -  Luxury "The Merchant of Venice" perfume 
Maxi Muscle - Health and diet supplements
McLaren - F1 team (sunglasses)
Minion - Plush
Mont Blanc - Stationary 
Mosquitno - Anti mosquito products
Obboo - Travel pillows and accessories  
Olympus - Cameras - 35mm, Advanced Photo System and digital
Pepe - Fashion 
Philips - Consumer electronics
Rivio - Angry birds plush
Ron Cubay - Cuban rum 
Sao Can - Cuban rum 
Seiko - Watches
Sony - Consumer electronics 
Superdry - The fashion brand (sunglasses)
Stonewood - Bavarian whisky from German's oldest distellery
Ted Baker - The fashion brand (sunglasses)
Tweexy - Nail varnish accessory
Ventuno - Gourmet foods from Italy
VSPT Wine group - A range of entry through to high end  wines from Chile
Wharfedale - High end speaker systems 
Yay - Innovative freeze dried snacks


... and many more

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