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Sense of Italian place

JES Travel Retail / Ventuno Italy

1. Aug. 2022


With sense of place becoming increasingly relevant in travel retail, the Ventuno Italy experience boxes take the concept to a new level of customer experience.

Ventuno Italy, an all female Italian start up, consists of a range of 4 sustainably sourced natural wooden boxes – Piedmont, Tuscany, Apulia and Sicily, which come in 3 versions of aperitif, dinner and dessert – offer examples of the individual regions uniqueness via a selection of gourmet products, including premier DOC or DOCG wines and specialties and ingredients hailing from certified crops, boutique estates and master craftsmen that shun mass production and mercenary logic. Currently the boxes are dedicated to 4 Italian regions, but Ventuno Italy's journey is planning many new destinations: every year Ventuno Italy will release 6 to 9 new boxes and will add three 3 regions to the proposed boxes.

The experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of virtual reality viewers to provide a unique, immersive and multisensory experience. Experience boxes retail between Euro 94,00 – Euro 120,00 for the gourmet and 360 tour experience with in-store and eCommerce options available to travel retailers.

Ines di Franco, who worked closely with the Gualtiero Marchesi group in France and ran a highly successful Paris restaurant before founding Ventuno Italy, commented: “Clients would often ask whether they could taste this or that particular Italian product and ingredient: they wanted to experience the flavors and aromas but above all, they wanted to know the story behind these products”.

Ventuno Italy will be represented by JES Travel Retail in Cannes to coincide with the TFWA World Exhibition and Conference with talks taking place to be represented one month later in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the MEADFA conference via the JES Travel Retail Partner Programme.

For more details contact Ventuno Italy founder Ines Di Franco at or visit www.ventunoitalycom.

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